Edited Literacy Narrative

I still have a vivid memory of the day my dad introduced me to a computer. He quickly taught me the basics of how to use the foreign, new electronic device, and I was immediately captivated by it. At first, I would only play games that didn’t require much understanding, but I slowly began to learn how to type through the Mavis Beacon tutorial guides, allowing me to discover a whole new method of communicating. Many years later, I now realize how big of an impact technology had in shaping my life.

The computer not only introduced me to various social media, but also e-mailing, video chatting, browsing the web, and instant messaging. I was in a world of constant change and development where digital literacy was becoming more prominent. Day by day, I would rely more and more on this advanced technology. Soon enough, I constantly needed it to webcam my long distance relatives living all the way in Taiwan, e-mail questions to my teachers, look up information, and chat with my friends. I always had trouble opening up and making new friends due to my shy personality, so I began getting to know more people through Facebook groups and chats. I would socialize and message with classmates I don’t get to talk to as much. This had allowed me to gain confidence and directly communicate with people more easily.

A few years later, I received my first smartphone. I had continuously pestered my mom about getting me a better cellphone because other classmates had better models than my boring and old flip phone, so she finally caved in and bought me this luxurious new product. Acquiring this electronic device was another huge turning point in my life.

From then on, I would often use my phone instead of the computer, which allowed me to communicate with people faster. Whenever I chat or e-mail my friends, I could just simply check my portable phone for any new messages. I also began to use Instagram, a popular social media where people share photos for everyone else to see. Through this application, I started to gain interest in uploading unique pictures and writing impressive captions. Without being aware of it, I began to think from another perspective and look at things in a new light by finding inspirations from quotes and pictures people posted on social media. I became increasingly aware of how I wanted to write and think. Furthermore, I began to focus on choosing my words more carefully to make them sound the best they can be.

Having both my computer and smartphone made me become more exposed to a wider range of knowledge. Being able to easily access information allowed me to do quicker research and get tasks done in a more efficient manner. Occasionally when I had trouble identifying or recognizing a word, I would just pull out my phone from my pocket to look it up online. This reliable device by my side gradually enabled me to learn faster and develop a wider range of vocabulary. Often times, I would incorporate what I gained through the use of technology into my assignments and communication with others. For example, I would be sure to design clear and comprehensive PowerPoint slides that allowed the audience to fully understand what I was trying to present. From then on, I was able to develop better writing skills and voice out whatever I wanted to say in a concise manner.

It is easy enough to say that technology has changed my life for the better. Not only did it strengthen my connection and communication with others, but gave me the opportunity to explore and discover myself. I learned the style and manner I like to write in, speak with others, and complete tasks. Even though many people think otherwise, I believe that using my computer and smartphone has been a very positive experience for me.


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